We strive to re-develop plastics used in everyday life and we make it our mission to produce our products from 90% recycled plastics. If we can't we make sure they stand the test of time and can be recycled in the future

About Bio Products

In 2015 we had an Idea, ‘A What If Moment’ a moment in that we thought… What If we could re-develop the Plastic Waste Pipe. What If we could manufacture the pipe to be hygienically cleaner and slow down the growth of bacteria. The nasty types of bacteria that create slimes, bio films, cause endless blockages, water leaks and disruption.

‘What if’…

The Pipe used a Natural Ingredient to fight against the growth of bacteria?

‘What If’…

We make the Pipe from Recycled Plastic where humanly possible?

‘What If’…

The Pipe stands the Test of Time and can be re-used over and over again or can be thrown back into the recycling process?

Our ‘What If Moments’…

Became BioPipe™️. The World’s First Plastic Piping System for Soil and Waste, Scientifically Proven to Reduce the Growth of Bacteria and Bio Films, Containing a Natural Ingredient Created by Nature, Manufactured from Recycled Plastic… oh, and did we mention it will Last a Life Time.

Our What if’s became our Vision



We Recycle what we replace. Any plastic piping or other plastic products / materials removed by our teams is recycled and put back into our products.

We Recycle all of the off cuts produced by other companies during the injection moulding processes and put them to good use. We simply grind them up and recycle them back into our products.



We Make our products by combining the recycled plastics with a patented polymer master-batch which, contains a natural biocompatible ingredient . This allows us to produce hygienically cleaner plastic products when compared to standard plastic products.

We Make our products to last a life time.

  • No repeat prescriptions
  • No Yearly Top Ups

Our Products will never stop working, the technology does not fade away and will stand the test of time.



We simply continue our vision and start the process all over again and repeat the cycle.

Our Vision became our Mission 

We make it our mission to re-develop everyday plastics used by everyday people, whilst we protect them from the harsh bacteria environmental factors we face in everyday life. 

Our Company 

Following the success of Bio Pipe in August 2017, The Bio Products Group was born. With a team of experts in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, along with help from some clever people in  Anti-Bacterial Plastics, Plastic Development & Manufacturing our vision and mission are now a reality. 

Our Journey has begun..to be continued. 


Who we we've worked with

  • Aldi
  • 8 Installations
  • Lidl
  • Arcus Fm
  • Sainsburys
  • Baker
  • LDH
  • Bond Grp
  • Tech Refrigeration
  • Kaplanlar

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