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biohose is a flexible reinforced hose with our Patented  Technology inside. Proven to reduce blockages and fouling and can be used for Condensate Pumps, A/C Units and the opportunity to recycle and reuse condensate water.

What is biohose?

  • Layer - Improve Physical Characteristics creating a smoother surface proven to reduce the occurrence of Water Leaks

  • Different - The flexibility allows Bio Hose to be utilised in many different industries across many different platforms and applications.

  • Proven - Preventing the build-up of bacteria, Bio Hose is proven to reduce Maintenance breakdowns and callouts by 100%, improving uptime of equipment, increasing trade and productivity.

  • Saving - End Users and Service Contractors can save time and money on breakdowns and downtime of equipment

  • Reduce Risk - Bio Hose helps to reduce the risk of injuries and insurance claims from staff and customers slipping and falling due to water leaking from ceilings or onto Floors.

Tech Specs

The Bio Hose is available in a number of sizes



1/4 x 30

30 Meters

3/8 x 30

30 Meters

1/2 x 30

30 Meters

5/8 x 30

30 Meters

3/4 x 30

30 Meters


What is biohose?

biohose is a flexible reinforce Hose made from PE plastics and a worldwide patented technology. A technology scientifically proven to slow the build up of Slimes reducing the risk of blockages and water leaks .

Where can biohose be used?
biohose has been design to be used on applications that pump waste water such as Condensate Pumps and Air Conditioning applications. We are also testings its viability to transport water for drinking.
What is the Natural Technology use in your products?
We use an Exclusive World Wide Patented Technology made from the natural trace element Zinc. The same Zinc found in the foods we eat and multivitamins we take on a daily basis.
Are your products safe?
Our products of 100% safe, the technology does not migrate and is safe for foodstuff. We do not use Silver, nano silver or harmful additives. Our products do not degrade and will last a lifetime.
How Long do your products last?
Our products will last a life time and can continually be re-used. If the products can no longer be used we will recycle back into our products
Do you have a specification & price list?
Please hit the contact page, we would love to talk to you about your needs and send you some information

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