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Award-winning, blockage preventing, drainage solution

For refrigeration and HVAC Systems

100% safe and proven to reduce water leaks by 97% or higher

What is biopipe?

biopipe is an award-winning, innovative, safe, reusable, 100% recyclable drainage system for refrigeration and A/C applications, proven to reduce water leaks by 97% or higher.

biopipe - rac Refrigeration Product of the Year 2021

Who is it for?

End Users

Reducing impact of water leaks to the consumer, Health & Safety and downtime of equipment.
  • Food Retail - Supermarkets
  • Convenience / Local Stores
  • Air Conditioning
  • Manufacturing and Distribution


Reduced call out volumes. Resources can be focused on more important tasks, saving money.
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Design and Installation
  • Fully Comprehensive Contracts

Innovation Challenges

Customers seeking new innovate products, sustainability and green building challenges
  • Green Building Specification
  • End of life Challenges
  • Reusability

Reduce build-up and slime caused by bacteria.

Biofilm and slime build-up can be a nuisance in pipes and hoses, causing blockages and water leaks. Our technology makes this a thing of the past.

The technology used in our products is patented worldwide, using technology created by nature, non-toxic, bio-compatible with no migration… making it 100% Safe.

Passive Action Polymer Technology

Functionalizes the polymer surface by modifying the physical property of the material. Relying on a combination of electrostatic repulsion, low surface energy and hydrophobic repulsion.

100% Safe

The technology does'nt contain toxic substances, no biocides, no silver, no triclosan, no nano-materials or any other harmful chemicals.

Biocompatible Technology

We use the natural trace element ZINC,identified as an element of biological importance. Found in your food, needed in your daily diet and vital for the human immune system.


Reusable and Recyclable.

A surface that is protecting the material from the growth of bacteria, viruses, moulds, biofilm and fouling.

Clean, hygienic and above all: safe and sustainable.

Bio Products Group

A family-owned SME located in Warrington, UK.
Established in 2015, our mission is to become a leading product disrupter, by creating sustainable, recyclable, hygiene products for use in the Refrigeration Industry.

Our Motto is make - sustain - recycle. This means we carefully design and manufacture products that can stand the test of time and where possible be 100% recycled.