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A Family Business Founded in 2015 with a ‘what if' moment. The same what-if moments we all have when starting a business.
Ours started with a pipe but not just any pipe, a pipe to solve an age-old problem with drainage in Refrigeration Applications - Biofilm. 

Combining a revolutionary technology derived from the human trace element Zinc into the humble drain pipe and our what if moment became a reality. Through extensive trials over a number of years with some of the leading supermarkets across the UK and Europe, we proved to reduce the adhesion of Biofilm in the condensate drainage of Refrigeration Systems delivering live in-situ results. Performance never seen before in this type of application, a constant never-ending one-time application resulting in the reduction of blockages and water leaks caused by the growth of biofilms. 

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Bio Pipe

Bio Pipe

The World’s First Plastic Piping System for Soil and Waste Proven to Reduce Blockages, Water Leaks and Maintenance Call-Outs.

Bio Pad

Bio Pad

A Flexible Drainage Pad Designed to be Cut, Moulded or Shaped to Fit Inside Drip Trays and Pump Trays.

Bio Hose

Bio Hose

A Reinforced Flexible Hose Designed to Transport Condensate Water to Main Drain Locations, Whilst Preventing the Build Up of Bio Films and Blockages.

Scientifically Proven


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The exclusive Technology used in our products is patented worldwide, it is a polymer master batch which uses technology created by nature, it is non-toxic fully biocompatible and there is no migration making it 100% Safe.

Testing to ISO 22196 Standards, the technology has been proven to slow down the microbes and bacteria on the surface of our products by 99.9% within a 24hr period.

What is Bio Pipe?

Bio pipe is a Waste Water Drainage System made from ABS Plastics and a Worldwide Patented Technology. A technology proven to improve the surface structure of the pipe creating a hygienically cleaner surface and reducing the adhesion of Bio Films and Slimes

BioPipe has been physically proven in live environments to reduce blockages and water leaks caused by Biofilms and slimes with unrivalled performance

What is the Natural Technology use in your products?

We use an Exclusive World Wide Patented Technology made from the natural trace element Zinc. The same Zinc found in the foods we eat and multivitamins we take on a daily basis.

Are your products safe?

Our products of 100% safe, the technology does not migrate and is safe for foodstuff.

We do not use Silver, nano silver or harmful additives. Our products do not degrade and will last a lifetime.

Are all your products made from recycled plastics?

Each product we make is manufactured from plastics that are 100% recyclable at their end of life making g our products sustainable and proven to stand the test of time.

Our products are manufactured to stand the test of time and can be re-used. If no longer required will be happily recycle back into new Bio Product.

Who we we've worked with

  • Aldi
  • 8 Installations
  • Lidl
  • Arcus Fm
  • Sainsburys
  • Baker
  • LDH
  • Bond Grp
  • Tech Refrigeration
  • Kaplanlar

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