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About Us

We strive to re-develop plastics used in everyday life and we make it our mission to produce our products from 100% recyclable plastics making sure they stand the test of time reducing our environmental impact on the world.

A Family Business Founded in 2015 with a ‘what if moment’ The same what-if moments we all have when starting a business.

Our What If Moments started with a pipe but not just any pipe, a pipe to solve an age-old problem with drainage in Refrigeration Applications - Slime. 

Combining a revolutionary technology derived from the human trace element Zinc into the humble drain pipe and our what-if moment became a reality. Through extensive trials over a number of years with some of the leading supermarkets across the UK and Europe, we proved to reduce the adhesion of Biofilm in the condensate drainage of Refrigeration Systems delivering live in-situ results.

Performance never seen before in this type of application, a constant never-ending one-time application resulting in the reduction of blockages and water leaks caused by the growth of Slime. 

BioPipe is now the go-to product for drainage in the refrigeration industry across the UK, Europe whilst cementing the same performance and results in Australia and the USA. 

We Make

We Make our products by combining the sustainable recyclable plastics with a patented polymer master-batch which, contains a natural biocompatible ingredient. This allows us to produce hygienically cleaner plastic products when compared to standard plastic products.


We use SUSTAINABLE plastics to MAKE our products to last a lifetime.

  • No repeat prescriptions
  • No yearly top ups

Our Products will never stop working, the technology does not fade away and will stand the test of time to be re-used over and over again.


We only use plastics that can be 100% recycled at their end of life. This means no BioPipe Product should end up in landfill.

We Recycle what we replace. Or at least we try to... Most types of plastic drainage are often overlooked and sent to landfill when removed during refurbishment works. Working alongside a fantastic dedicated plastic recycler we have proven it doesn't have too. That is why the majority of the Plastic Pipe we have removed this year has been cleaned and recycled into other products.

In 2021 we hope to put these recovered plastics back into our products allowing us to create a close-loop drainage system.

We Make
We Sustain
We Sustain
  • 2022

    More Innovation & Global Reach
    • Domestic And Commercial Product Range Development
    • BioPipe Product for Drinking Water Approval
    • Further growth into the Australia and USA Markets
    • Expansion into the China and Asia Markets
  • 2021

    Award Winning
    • Winner of the Refrigeration Product of the Year and was also Highly Commended within the Innovation of the Year in the 2021 RAC Cooling Awards - Read More
    • Introduction of Bioshelf
    • Introduction of Biodoor
  • 2020

    12km & global sales
    • First Trial with Scotmid Coop and TRS
    • Retrofit of BioPipe into Aldi Stores In the UK where water leaks were causing problems with EPTA and A1 Engineering
    • Completion of 60 Store Installations with Lidl GB
    • Over 12,000m of BioPipe Supplied Worldwide
    • Award of a further 15 Store trials to Aldi Australia. 
    • Trial with Leading Supermarkets in the USA
    • Four further stores completed with Scotmid Coop, TRS and GSS Contracts
  • 2019

    Down Under
    • Following Successful Trails with Aldi UK, BioPipe was added to the Store Specification for the UK and Ireland and used extensively in New Stores and Refurbishments
    • Following Success Trials with Lidl GB at 13 Stores, a further award of 125 Stores in the UK
    • First Installation in Australia with Woolworths Supermarkets, at what is regarding as the worlds first Sustainable Supermarket
    • First Trial With Aldi Australia
    • First Supply of BioHose being used in the UK and Australia 
    • First Store Trial with Arcus FM and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets
  • 2018

    New Products
    • Award of 13 Stores Further Trials with Lidl GB
    • Development and Trials of the BioPad
    • Development and Trials of the BioHose
    • First Live Store Trial of the BioHose with Lidl GB
  • 2017

    More Trials
    • Live Trial with Aldi UK
    • Live Trial with Lidl GB
    • Creation of Full BioPipe ABS 40mm (1 Inch 1/2) Solvent Weld Drainage System
  • 2016

    Trials & Testing

    Live Trials With Waitrose UK

    Investment into Tooling and Testing of the BioPipe System

  • 2015

    Where it all begins

    Design And Development Of the Biopipe Drainage System

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Adding value by delivering significant savings and improved performance on water leaks.
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