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Biocompatible Technology Created by Nature

The technology we use has been proven scientifically proven to improve the physical characteristics of the plastic surface enabling the biopipe to slow down the occurrence of water leaks caused by blockages. Biopipe is tested to iso 22196:2011

During our Commercial Refrigeration Trials, we measured the effectiveness of Bio Pipe against a Standard ABS Non-Treated Waste Pipe at 12 Stores. Before the installation of Bio Pipe, the End User recorded over 149 call-outs to blocked drains and water leaks over a six month period.

Following the 16 Month Trial with a leading supermarket in the UK:

  • We recorded a 93% Reduction of all Water Leaks across the 12 Stores
  • Zero Water Leaks were Caused By BioFilm and Slime Blockages
  • Like For Like Call Outs over 16 Months Would See a 369 Call-Out Reduction
  • Saving the Customer over £60,000 in Call Out Charges in 16 Months

A standard pipe blocked with biofilm

A standard pipe after a deep clean?

BioPipe 12 month inspection

Passive Action Polymer Technology™ Highlights


Only a natural trace element; an essential mineral identified as an element of utmost biological importance. You will find it in your food and you need it in your daily diet as it is vital for the human immune system.

100% Safe

The technology does not contain toxic substances. There are no biocides, no silver, no triclosan, no nano-materials or any other harmful chemicals. There is only a natural trace element and it is fixed inside the material, So it is safe and it does not come out. It does not get any safer than this.

Lasts forever

The functionality of the technology does not rely on migration, So there is nothing leaching away from the material over time. That means it will never run out, it is simply always there. So it will never fade away or wear off.

No leaching

An intrinsic/inert change in and on the surface of the material. There is no substance migrating or leaching to act against bacteria. The functionality is purely due to the improved mechanical/physical property if the material surface.


We do not use silver or Nano-silver. Silver is toxic and the use of such an ion-release mechanism can be hazardous as these elements can be inhaled or digested while their antibacterial property remains.


Our technologies are on a micrometrical scale. We do not use nanoparticles or nanomaterials. Nanoparticles will leave the material they have been integrated into the functionality will degrade over time. Our micrometrical scale solutions is perfectly controllable and last forever.


Our materials are created by means of innovative technologies and methods with the clever use of one of the most important natural trace elements Zinc, which is securely incorporated without the possibility of exiting the material.


The technology is not relying on any specific condition. It is unaffected by humidity, light, temperature - meaning the technology works as well in dark as in light or in dry as in humid environments.


The technology fully complies with EU and USA food contact regulations and can be used without limitations in food contact applications.

The innovation that saves you money and is environmentally friendly 

Return On Investment
Biopipe payback is 1-3 Years dependent upon the store size.

How much does your organisation spend on Insurance Claims caused by Refrigeration Water Leaks?
Biopipe will significantly reduce the number of Insurance Claims.

BioPipe vs Alternative drain products that contain Toxic Chemicals 

  • No Inconvenience of re-application every 6 months, BioPipe doesn’t wear out.
  • No Inconsistencies with product performance.
  • No Environmental impact of mixing toxic chemicals with condensate water.
  • Biopipe is 94% cheaper over a 10-year Life-Cycle.

BioPipe will add value and benefit the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • The TCO of a BioPipe system is significantly less than a standard drainage system. 
  • Savings of 88% can be sensibly realised and achieved after 1 year of operation. 

As clever as nature