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BioPipe gains further momentum down under

30 June, 2020

Following the breakthrough in 2019 at Woolworth's most sustainable supermarket, the Burwood Brickworks Store in Melbourne, Australia, the BioPipe Drainage System is gaining momentum down-under with further trials of 15 Store Installations to start this June with AJ Baker & Sons.

With the inception at the Burwood store and continued strong performance and specification with Customers in the UK and Europe, the BioPipe was selected by AJ Baker & Sons Australia in November 2019 for trials across a number of its customer stores in Victoria. Working closely with the team over the last six months, the BioPipe has been put through its paces in some of the most diverse climates in the world.

It has given the Bio Products Group much further insight into how the product can reduce water leaks in different countries and climates. The 15 Store trials will be completed from June 2020 onwards, taking the total number of stores operating with the BioPipe Drainage System to 21 by the end of this year. 

Robert Stewart CEO of Bio Products Group commented, 

'This news is an excellent achievement for the product and the company, we have known for a long time how well the BioPipe performs in the UK. It's a true testament to the support and confidence we have received from our customers across the UK and Europe, and to now test the BioPipe in Australia with its diverse climate has been a significant step forward for us. The results of the initial trials and the commitment to further work show the confidence our customers have in the product. Operating on a global scale can be challenging; having the support of the team at AJ Baker & Sons has made the process much more relaxed and a fantastic collaboration, long may it continue.

Michael Van De Jagt CEO of Parx Materials NV commented.

It is fantastic to see the developments of the BioPipe and Bio Products Group as a company. A lot of time, effort and testing have gone into the development of the BioPipe system over the last several years, and we are now starting to see the rewards for the patience shown by everyone involved. The Parx material incorporated into the BioPipe continues to demonstrate its sustainable, non-toxic performance against the adhesion and proliferation of biofilms and it helps save customers £1000s per year on maintenance costs in this application.

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